13 Reasons Why… We Love Sveta

The plot of new TV series “13 Reasons Why” is known: thirteen reasons why a girl of just sixteen years committed suicide. Well, we readjusted the spirit of the TV series choosing thirteen reasons why “We Love Svetlana Kuznetsova”.

  1. Her game. The tennis of Svetlana is a kind of masterpiece: so complete, so mystically irreverent, capable of generating solutions without boundaries, a mixture of sweetness and violence, a painful perfection in contrast to its own being, a restless talent dazzled by its own light.
  2. The beauty of the gesture. That forehand, so personal, both in the preparation and in the execution, the body that lends itself to a rotation that also involves the left leg which often raises as to give yet another, the last push. The backhand, accompanied with outstretched arms, and then the slight movement of adjustment with the left, a veiled sort of thrill. The harmony of the service movement, the right foot that comes close to the other while maintaining a tilt feature, the racket that remains suspended for that split second that if immortalized leads to associate the balance of the figure to a neoclassic statue carved in the act that precedes the explosion of an effort. The extraordinary athletics, that way of returning to the center of the court all her own, light and at the same time compact.
  3. Her unpredictability. When Svetlana Kuznetsova enter in a court everything can happen and everything is possible. Svetlana is a complex potion of data, hypotheses and emotions in perpetual contradiction. Russian mysticism and Spanish pragmatism have given birth to a conjunction of fascination, yet impenetrable. In Svetlana coexist geometries and improvisations, pragmatism and instinct, the need for firm points and madness. All this makes Svetlana the master of his victories and defeats.
  4. Sveta is an artist. Svetlana have an eerie beauty just as some pages of Dostoevskij, as serious as some paintings by Van Gogh, as elusive as the true nature of certain figures that animate the paintings of Caravaggio. And it is precisely the great Merisi that it is easier to associate to her; so determined in her victories and in her defeats by abolishing the outline of her deeds, as the Italian master did, surrounding his figures with darkness. Svetlana Kuznetsova made her triumphs even greater because her appearances emerged from the darkness.
  5. She is a fighter. Svetlana never gives up. In the court she gives everything and while playing often we can see the excitement of a teenager. She has won so much, and yet still makes sacrifices for improvement.
  6. She is an example of correctness. Unlike so many colleagues, Svetlana in the court is a real lady. She respect her opponents, she is always polite, she has no unpleasant attitudes. In a giungle like WTA tour her way to stay in the court is too rare for to be real!
  7. Svetlana is a woman full of nuances. Svetlana is a very smart woman. At that time introverted teenager, now a thirty-one years old woman who is not too much changed, just more aware of having made it, that she had earned a place on Olympus, some tattoos that underline this growth, a path perhaps more painful, more full of worries than she will ever be willing to admit. A woman so full of nuances, with a talent not only in tennis, but with also a human talent, scarred by a countless light breeze. “Svetlana Kuznetsova Player” is an inseparable creature from “Svetlana Kuznetsova being human”. All this is great.
  8. Carlos Martinez. Not easy have “in the hands” an extraordinary treasure like Svetlana Kuznetsova. Carlos has been so able to snatch the essence, to fully understand the “person Svetlana”, to transmit a lot of trust in her tennis. A coach, but also a friend. We are proud of this man.
  9. The relationship with fans. Svetlana is special also with her fans. Often we wonder: how can you be so so patient? So careful? So much available? The answer is so easy: Svetlana is Svetlana. Thank you.
  10. Football skills. Sometimes during a match Svetlana shows off her football skills. We see in it a little need to ease tensions, and also her character,  on one side istrionic, and on other side “youthfully“, always fresch, always natural.
  11. Vamos or Davai? That is the question. The screams of joy by Svetlana Kuznetsova are rare so when they occur are filled of emotions that makes the air sparkling. The duplicity of Svetlana is also this: Vamos or Davai? However, she is the “Queen of cool” for us.
  12. Ama gli animali. Who loves animals know the Universal love. These words, say all.
  13. Love doesn’t require reason. We can strive to find motivations why We Love Sveta, but the thruth is only one: Love Happens. Without a reason. And true love never ends. Stop.


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